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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Minka Kelly: Underage Sex Tape Starlet?!

Oh Minka! Ohohoh Minka!! It seems fallen angel and future Ms. Jackie Onassis Minka Kelly is the newest star erotically dazzling in an
unreleased sexy-time tape! Sources who have
reportedly watched 30 min
vid say it features a much
younger Minka with an ex-
boyfriend, and was shot
semi-professional style in New Mexico sometime in
the late ‘90s. Apparently, Minka is very
aware of the camera, and
both participants can
watch the sexual
chemistry they create via a
TV monitor hooked up to the camera. Saucy! The tape is currently being
shopped around to
potential buyers, but there
COULD be some nasty legal
ramifications ‘cause Minka
may have been underage at the time it was shot! Eeee! Aw Minks, you gotta make
sure those vids stay in
your private collection! However, considereng the history of sex-tape starlets, this could be just
the thing Minka needs to
excite her career! [Image via WENN.] Tags: buyers, ex boyfriend , legal drama, minka kelly , new mexico , semi professional, sex film , sex tape , underage