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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Minka Kelly's ex- boyfriend peddles 'semi- professional' sex tape to the highest bidder

Along with screaming fans
and dodging the paparazzi,
exes selling alleged sex tapes
are just another thing young
Hollywood actresses have to
deal with. Now it’s Minka Kelly’s turn,
after the Friday Night Lights
actress’ former boyfriend
came out of the woodwork
to peddle a video he claims
shows the pair in bed together. The 30-minute long tape was
shot in New Mexico and is
According to TMZ, the camera is secured by a tripod with the
footage playing on a TV
monitor, so both parties can
watch themselves during the
act. While her former
boyfriend is trying to sell
an alleged sex tape of her,
Minka Kelly appeared
unconcerned as she left a
salon in Los Angeles There is no question that the
footage was filmed without
the participants’ permission. It is unclear when the tape
was made although it is
believed Minka, 32, could be
underage in the video. Two songs from Brandy’s
1998 album Never Say Never,
which was released 16 days
before Minka’s 18th birthday,
can clearly be heard in the
background. Minka – who has previously
dated Derek Jeter, Wilmer
Valderrama and Jake
Gyllenhaal - has yet to
comment on the tape. This will be a blow for the star
who has made a successful
transition from the small
screen to movies. While her former
boyfriend is trying to sell
an alleged sex tape of her,
Minka Kelly appeared
unconcerned as she left a
salon in Los Angeles After her success in Friday
Night Lights and an ill-fated
stint in the rebooted Charlie’s
Angels, Kelly has taken on a
number of smaller roles in
high profile movies including last year’s 50/50 and recently
secured the part of former US
First Lady Jackie Kennedy in a
new biopic. Minka will star opposite James
Marsden as President John F
Kennedy in The Butler
alongside an exciting cast
which includes Forest
Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Redgrave, Terrence
Howard, John Cusack and
Alan Rickman. However, she appeared
unconcerned as she enjoyed a
spot of pampering in Los
Angeles on Friday. The brunette sported damp
locks as she walked back to
her car following the
appointment and even raised
a smile for photographers. Minka looked chic as ever in
skinny jeans, a cream shirt
and brown wedges. Minka recently joked she gets
‘so much action’ adding that
her fame hasn’t stopped men
from approaching her. 'I like to think I'm pretty
accessible, and if [guys] are
intimidated, I wouldn't know
it,' she explained. Last year Kelly revealed to
David Letterman that her first
showbiz offering involved
her then-manager trying to
entice her to have surgery. Having been approached by a
former Playboy Playmate,
Minka said: 'She was very
seductive and said that she
wanted to manage me and
that I had a lot of potential. She said she could get me a job
at this doctor’s office in return
for plastic surgery which I
would need to be a Playmate. 'Lipo, fake breasts, a few
veneers and all kinds of
stuff... 'When I told her that I didn’t
want surgery, she said I
would never be Playmate of
the Year and I said, "I think
that’s okay. I’m okay with